Elverfeldt Business-Coaching Frankfurt

“Those who clucks with the chickens,

cannot fly with the eagles.”



Coaching for Managers and High Potentials in Frankfurt am Main

A coach is there to act as a mirror and provides support as well as a new perspective on reflecting and coping with challenging leadership and work situations.

In the process, you’ll take steps toward becoming the best version of yourself and developing your full potential while embracing your individuality. That’s how we’ll increase your success & enjoyment of life.

(Usually at least 6 sessions of 2-4 hours every 2-6 weeks).



Occasions for Business Coaching

  • I can help you prepare for changing professional requirements (e.g., after organizational change such as a merger/restructuring, promotion, transfer, internal audit or assessment center) or for challenging situations, conflicts, power struggles, or negotiations that lie ahead.
  • We can achieve concrete performance or behavioral improvements e.g., regarding conflict management, leadership, negotiation, internal politics.
  • Gaining a clear view of where you’re at in your career as well as career planning or reorientation. Transparency and a more targeted use of your own potential as well as your personal strengths and weaknesses.
  • I’ll help you learn to cope more resiliently with the tension that arises from balancing a busy professional and private life.
  • I’ll provide constructive criticism and stimulating feedback as your sparring partner as we reflect on your current concerns and work toward reducing your personal burdens.
  • Other topics: staying calm, managing relationships and conflicts, identifying your values, principles, and purpose


Cancellation policy for individual coaching:

Cancellations on the part of the client that occur four or fewer business days prior to the scheduled appointment will be invoiced.