Elverfeldt Business-Coaching Frankfurt

“To be what we are,

and to become what we are capable of becoming,

Robert Loius Stevenson

is the only end of life.”


Highly sensitive

  • Do you have a particularly keen sense of intuition (premonition), especially in relation to other people and emotional issues? Do you experience emotional situations more intensely than others? Do you often have the feeling you are somehow different than your peers?
  • Do you have a particularly high level of empathy, are idealistic, take everything very much to heart, strive for perfection and find it difficult to separate yourself from others emotionally and to tolerate imperfection?

If so, you may be highly sensitive and stand to benefit greatly from a highly sensitive coach. 15-20% of people are highly sensitive and have a different threshold of perception than others. Take the 15 minutes test to determine whether you are highly sensitive by following the link below:


Highly gifted

  • Are you able to analyze complex logical relationships and facts particularly quickly? Are you very mentally active and quickly feel underchallenged or bored?
  • Do you have a particularly wide range of interests? Are you highly curious and good at multitasking? Are you drawn to new challenges and experiences? Do you have a very good memory, a high capacity for abstraction and comprehension and tend to overwhelm or put others off because of your intelligence, impatience, and speed?

If so, you could be one of the 2% of highly gifted people with an IQ >130. In coaching, you’ll want to be challenged and expect a coach who can match your pace and provide you with new ideas and perspectives.

You may also be highly gifted & highly sensitive if:

Your childhood was characterized by too much responsibility too early, which you may have experienced positively, but still overwhelmed you. Because a child can’t find answers to questions, it has to feel/sense what might be good. It develops its personality because of a constant cycle of thinking, feeling and self-doubt, which leads it tends to permanently overextend itself.