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Highly sensitive people

  • Have you noticed yourself displaying above average intuition, especially concerning other people and emotional topics? Do you experience situations more intensely than other people do, and do you sometimes feel you are different in that way?
  • Are you exceptionally empathic or idealistic, and do you often take things personally? Are you in pursuit of perfection and do you have difficulties establishing emotional borders or tolerating imperfection?

If so, then you may be highly sensitive. 15 to 20% of all people are highly sensitive and identify by displaying a different recognition threshold. Should any of this sound familiar to you, you may benefit from a coach specialising in highly sensitive professionals. Follow the link below to test if you are highly sensitive. it only takes 15 minutes.


Gifted people

  • Are you able to analyse complex logical contexts or facts exceedingly quick? Do you have an active mind and often find yourself underchallenged or bored?
  • Do you have an exceptional number of interests? Are you curious and good at multitasking, and do you love challenges and anything new? Do you have an outstanding memory, high skills in abstraction and apprehension? And do you tend to overstrain or discourage other people with your intelligence, impatience or fast grasp of a situation?

If so, then you might be among the 2% of people we count as gifted and may have an IQ above 130. To make a coaching session work for you, it is imperative that you are challenged. So, you’ll need a coach who can adjust to your pace and provide you with new stimuli.

You might be both highly sensitive and gifted:

In cases where high sensitivity is paired with giftedness, the childhood years are shaped by the acceptance of big responsibilities at an early age – and these are experienced as mostly positive, but also overwhelming at times. As the child does not succeed in finding answers to questions as needed, he or she is forced to sense what might be good or right. These children shape their personalities based on a carousel of thinking, feeling and self-doubt, and they permanently tend to overburden themselves.