Elverfeldt Business-Coaching Frankfurt

„I spend more money on the ability

to treat people right than on any other

ability in the world.“



This course is aimed at executives, human resources developers, consultants, coaches, or those already working as internal or external coaches or planning to enter the field of coaching. The number of participants is limited to 6 to 10 people to guarantee an optimal experience for each of the participants.

  • You’re looking to professionally coach people and need a compact, quality-assured training that is highly focused on being applicable on a day-to-day basis and within the working environment?
  • You’re looking for a coaching training that will help you to reach a next level of qualification, or enable you to build your competence in coaching as a manager and within your work with employees starting right now?
  • You’d like to maximise your coaching potential and further develop your own coaching style while you’re gaining valuable business coaching expertise?

My business coaching training will enable you to learn substantiated business coaching methods as well as quality-assured knowledge. The focus on methods that can be instantly applied will let you directly transfer your insights into your work.

You’ll gain expertise with a broad variety of methods and techniques, learn to adopt a suitable mindset and create coaching structures that are ready to be applied into individual situations, so that you can coach professionally from Day 1.

During your training, you’ll benefit from 20 years of business coaching experience and will have access to the best and most successful methods selected from over 30 different coaching trainings in a comprehensive way.

The focus will be placed on the work revolving around one’s own cases or topics to make it as applicable as possible.

During this training, we place the highest value on making sure everyone recognises and realises their strengths as a coach to enable further development of an individual coaching style.

Topics of coaching can be: reacting more patiently, self-assuredly or calmer, presenting oneself successfully, clarity in regard to next steps, and many more.

Special: this training is also bookable as a tailor-made, indivdual course or for small groups of 2 to 3 participants.