“To be what we are

and to become what we are able to become,

is the only purpose in life”

Robert Louis Stevenson


Do you:

  • want to take charge of your future career as a manager or high potential?
  • aspire to maximize the performance of your team?
  • dream of mastering transformational processes while working with a qualifiedand experienced executive coach?
  • have challenges in your personal life or need a discreet sparring partner to figure out your next steps?

Take advantage of a free consultation:


In an initial free personal consultation, we’ll get to know each other, discuss possible initial goals for our work together and envision your long-term goals. If you decide to continue working with me, you’ll receive a written profile of your personal strengths and weaknesses in your first individual coaching session. As my client, you’ll gain access to telephone coaching at short notice whenever there’s an urgent need. Entire individual coaching sessions can be conducted by telephone if needed.

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