“To become

all that we are capable of becoming

this is the sole purpose of life.”



  • You are often annoyed and your life stresses you out:
    You want to master the challenges in your private life as well as your everyday life with ease as well as more confidence in yourself?
  • You give a lot in private relationships and get little in return:
    You want a fulfilling private life with good relationships with your family and your environment, while being in good contact with yourself and remaining true to yourself?
  • Everyone wants something from you, you are strained:
    You want your ease back and want clarity about which expectations from your environment you want to fulfil in your different roles and which you don’t – as well as a good work-life balance?
  • Was that all? You have achieved a lot, but you are not happy:
    Are you looking for orientation and clarification on how you want to align and shape your life in a meaningful way in the future, both professionally and privately, so that you live your vision and values full of joy?

If you find yourself in one or more of these occasions, you have come to the right place.

Take advantage of my more than 25 years of experience as a professional coach and sparring partner to become the best version of yourself through coaching and experience more joy and fulfilment in the journey.

Coaching will take you further along your personal and professional path, in your own unique way, so that you become more aware of who you are, what you want, and how to achieve your goals faster and easier.

Make your diamond shine through a realistic self-assessment, increased self-confidence, and convincing outward appearance. You deserve it!

Common topics in private coaching:

Cancellation policy:
Cancellations on the part of the client that occur four business days or less prior to the scheduled appointment will nonetheless result in a charge for the scheduled appointment.