“Paths are made by walking them.“



  • “Ms. von Elverfeldt is without a doubt an outstanding coach. She has many strengths, but especially in reflecting on strategic and tactical starting points in the business world. Her broad network in the banking industry underpins her valuable approaches to finding solutions. She was always available, even at short notice, and reacted quickly. Ms. von Elverfeldt has had a lasting positive impact on my professional performance and development with her excellent contributions in the context of leadership coaching.”
    Lothar Meenen, Managing Director, Deutsche Bank
  • “We asked Ms. von Elverfeldt to support us in transforming our leadership culture for the Europe region through team and individual coaching at the executive level. To this end, Ms. von Elverfeldt first conducted an as-is analysis with each of us via Hogan Assessments to determine the extent to which we were living the desired leadership culture. Felicitas von Elverfeldt has contributed in an outstanding way for over a year to the further coalescence of our management team, in which strengths and weaknesses of the team were clearly identified and new team members were successfully integrated into it. Ms. von Elverfeldt’s approach to this is highly professional and methodically very clever and empathetic. The team coaching, she provided has made a decisive contribution to raising the level of mutual trust within our management team to an unprecedented level. This has helped us to successfully master even major challenges together. Equally successful has been the tactful and insightful individual coaching she has provided, which have also made a significant contribution to everyone being able to master our individual challenges much more easily. Cooperating with colleagues or superiors who were previously difficult for us to work with is now also easy, and we as a team and individually have significantly more self-confidence and radiate it throughout the organization.”
    Andreas Hamann, Senior Vice President HR Europe, Automotive Industry
  • “Ms. Elverfeldt is a business coach who supports self-discovery with very engaging and focused suggestions. Starting with a vision for measurable and trackable improvements, she helped me achieve these goals with specific tasks and activities. These were coupled with tips and tricks for trial and error and regular monitoring of results. Along with this structured and stringent approach, she combined very nuanced and multi-layered questions to encourage my self-actualization and discover my own answers. Especially for me, having an international background and working in a German-led organization, this helped me to develop my own personality and style. Most importantly, it allowed me to build lasting relationships with cross-cultural bosses and team members (South American, German, European, Middle Eastern) while achieving highly respected results within the bank.”
    Managing Director, Deutsche Bank 
  • “Ms. von Elverfeldt’ s highly professional coaching sessions are tailored to suit individual needs and situations. Her coaching supported me through a very complex and challenging leadership assignment. Her repertoire of different styles and techniques is outstanding and highly efficient. They enabled me to generate workable solutions and achieve successes in numerous situations quickly. I’m also extremely grateful for the personal guidance and support that Felicitas von Elverfeldt has given me in my work life but also on a private level. This not only strengthened my personal skills and self-confidence but gave me the tools I needed to be able to better master challenging situations in the future both in my professional and private life. Thank you very much for your support and excellent coaching!”
    Michaela A. Reuter, Global Fortron® PPS Strategy Manager, Ticona Engineering Polymers (A business of Celanese)
  • “The training with Felicitas von Elverfeldt was an important enrichment for us. She imparts her knowledge competently, purposefully, and charmingly. With her ability to analyze as well as her profound understanding of corporate structures and processes, she gave us very concrete suggestions that we were able to apply immediately.”
    Monika Schammas and Udo Lahm, partners of comtract (communication and personnel consulting)
  • “A management seminar gave me a lot of ideas and food for thought about my position in the company, possibilities for developing my personality, and questions of personnel management. However, to formulate concrete objectives from these, to put them in a meaningful order of priority and then to implement them successfully in a relatively short period of time was a mammoth task that I would not have been able to accomplish on my own. Ms. von Elverfeldt provided me with very valuable support throughout all phases of that process and advised me competently in alignment with my goals and priorities. Our work gave me the self-confidence to master this task. The positive feedback both from my superiors and from my professional and private circles is my motivation to continue the path I have chosen and to actively seek new challenges. I look forward to Ms. von Elverfeldt’ s continued support on this path.”
    Ralf B., Managing Director in Global Markets, Banking Sector
  • “The coaching was a win for me personally, as well as for my organization.”
    Andreas H., Managing Director, banking sector
  • “Targeted coaching that responds to individual preferences and needs. Ms. v. Elverfeldt combines a wealth of methodological and experiential knowledge with intuition and a sense for the realities of the business world.”
    Bernhard S., Team Head, Frankfurt/M., Banking Sector
  • “An apt and precise analysis of the initial situation. I quickly learned to use my strengths in a more targeted and pointed way and experienced practical positive changes.”
    Torsten L., 2nd level management, international financial services provider.
  • “Excellent support for mastering difficult situations at work both professionally and confidently.”
    Peter F., Logistics Manager, large international industrial company
  • “Helping people to help themselves is what I expected. My expectation was fully met.”
    “An empathetic coach who understands their role can reveal paths that would have likely remained hidden.”
    “Where am I, what am I capable of, where do I want to go, what have I accomplished? Elementary but also very difficult questions to answer. Ms. von Elverfeldt has the gift of providing decisive clues to help answer them.
    “Now that I am fully aware of my values, my life is easier, happier and more purposeful, which I would not have achieved without coaching”.
    Thomas S., Manager Engineering, international industrial group
  • “Coaching helps me deal with unfamiliar situations and people. You don’t have to invest as many resources in those situations and people when you first encounter them, because you can clarify the situation with the coach in advance. Coaching has helped me become aware of my own patterns of thinking and acting, consider them with distance and, if need be, discard them occasionally.”
    “Other people sometimes have completely different needs and ways of thinking. Sometimes we completely underestimate their importance.”
    Alexis T., project engineer large German industrial company


  • “I’ll refer to our work as a ‘collaboration’ because I often don’t feel coached, but much more as if I’m sitting in a workshop to optimize a work process. The structured approach: ‘case description – condensation through queries—discussion of the framework conditions/environment—and finally the comprehensible analysis with proposed solutions, while taking my personal situation/character traits into account’ make your coaching so practical and applicable.
    Furthermore, I am often amazed at the profound thought processes—far beyond the scope of the professional environment—that your questions or ‘exercises’ trigger in me. For me, coaching is the basis for securing my long-term performance.”
    Jörg H., Managing Director in the logistics industry
  • “The strong and rapid growth of our group of companies requires a series of changes, promotions and personality-oriented development across all management within our existing corporate culture and social skills. Whether through individual coaching or management audits, Ms. Felicitas von Elverfeldt, with her competence, is always on point in these processes and we have found a way forward.”
    Heinz D., Member of the Board/COO, Technology Group of an internationally operating holding company