“Paths are made by walking them.“



  • “Felicitas is clearly a highly qualified coach. She has many strengths, particularly in reflecting strategic and tactical approaches in business. Her network in banking is extensive, supporting her insightful solutions. She was always there when I needed her. Felicitas has provided excellent contributions to my efforts to tap my full potential and accelerate my performance. My career has strongly benefited from her performance coaching.”
    Lothar Meenen, Managing Director, Deutsche Bank
  • “We asked Ms. von Elverfeldt to support us in transforming the leadership culture for the Europe region via team and individual coaching at board level. To this end, Ms. von Elverfeldt first conducted an as-is analysis with each of us via Hogan Assessments to determine the extent to which we were living the desired leadership culture. Felicitas von Elverfeldt has contributed in an outstanding way for over a year to the further cohesion of our management team, in which strengths and weaknesses of the team were clearly identified and new team members were successfully integrated into the team. Ms. von Elverfeldt’ s approach to this is highly professional and methodically very clever and empathetic. The team coaching, she led has made a decisive contribution to raising the level of mutual trust in our management team to an unprecedented level. This helps us to successfully master even major challenges together. Equally successful, with a great deal of tact and at the same time great clarity in individual coaching, she has made a significant contribution to each of us being able to master our individual challenges much more easily. We as a team and individually have much more self-confidence and radiate it throughout the organization.”
    Andreas Hamann, Senior Vice President HR Europe, Automotive Industry
  • “Ms. Elverfeldt is a business coach, who supports self-discovery with very dedicated and focused suggestions. Starting with a vision for measurable and trackable improvements, she helped me achieve these metrics with tangible tasks and activities. These were coupled with try-at-work tips and tricks, and a regular review of the metrics. Along with this structured and stringent approach, she combined very nuanced and layered questioning to enhance my self-realization and discover my own answers. Especially for me, given my international background and working in a German-driven organization, this helped me create an own personality and footprint. Most importantly it allowed me to build lasting relations with inter-cultural bosses and team members (South American, German, European, Mid-East), while delivery extremely respected results within the bank.”
     Managing Director, Deutsche Bank
  • “The highly professional yet personalised and tailor-made coaching session with Mrs. Felicitas von Elverfeldt have guided me through a very complex and highly demanding leadership situation. Her repertoire of coaching styles and techniques is tremendously broad and made it possible to adapt to each situation and reach an excellent outcome with high efficiency and in very short time frame.
    Next to this, I personally am thankful for the guidance and support I have received by Mrs. Felicitas von Elverfeldt across all aspects of improving my leadership and personal skills, which has strengthened my self-confidence and increased my expertise in handling challenging situations at work and in my personal life.
    Thank you for the outstanding support and coaching!”
     Michaela A. Reuter, Global Fortron® PPS Strategy Manager, Ticona Engineering Polymers (A business of Celanese)
  • “The training with Felicitas von Elverfeldt was of high value for us. She was able to address our educational needs in a very competent, target-oriented and pleasant manner. With her highly analytical capabilities and her deep understanding of corporate structures and processes she gave us very concrete ideas which we were able to immediately implement.”
     Monika Schammas and Udo Lahm, Managing Directors of comtract (communications and recruiting consultancy)
  • “A management seminar gave me a lot of suggestions and thought-provoking impulses regarding my positioning within the firm, opportunities for self-development as well as my leadership skills. To translate this into precise objectives, rank them meaningfully, and put them into practice within a relatively short period of time was a task too big to be completed alone. During my process, Felicitas von Elverfeldt provided very valuable support, highly qualified and goal-oriented advice, and gave me the self-confidence to successfully cope with this task. The positive feedback I am receiving from both my superiors and peers gives me a lot of motivation to keep on track and to actively search for new challenges. I am looking forward to Felicitas von Elverfeldt’s continued support on this path.”
    Ralf B., Managing Director in Global Markets, banking sector
  • “The coaching was of great benefit to me and my company.”
    Andreas H., Managing Director, banking sector
  • “Targeted coaching that addresses individual preferences and needs. Mrs. v. Elverfeldt combines extensive knowledge based on methods and experiences with intuition and an understanding of the realities of the business world.”
    Bernhard S., Team-Head, Frankfurt/M., banking sector
  • “An accurate and precise analysis of the status quo. I quickly learnt to apply my strengths in a more targeted and incisive manner and I experienced positive practical changes.”
    Torsten L., middle management, international financial service provider
  • “Outstanding support in learning how to master difficult situations in my job with professionalism and competence.”
     Peter F., logistic manager, major international industrial company
  • 1. “Self support is what I expected. My expectations were met in full.”
    2. “A perceptive coach who understands her role can open paths that were previously hidden.”
    3. “Where am I, what can I do, where do I want to go, what have I achieved? Very basic but also difficult questions. Mrs. von Elverfeldt has a gift to provide incisive clues to these answers.”
    4. “Now, I am fully aware of my values and that makes me more carefree, happier and goal-oriented. Something I would not have achieved without a coach.”
     Thomas S., engineering manager, international industrial company
  • 1. “Coaching helps me to deal with unfamiliar situations or people. Now, I do not have to learn the hard way as I can clarify situations with my coach in advance. Coaching helps to be more aware of my own patterns of thinking and acting, to view them in a different light and to sometimes give them up, if necessary.”
    2. “People sometimes have absolutely different needs, and views and we sometimes underestimate the significance of that.”
    Alexis T., project engineer for a major German industrial company
  • “I am talking about ‘co-operation’ here, because often I feel not coached but rather like I am workshopping to optimise working processes. The structured approach: ‘case analysis – specification through questions – discussion of general conditions/environment – and finally an understandable analysis with solutions that take into consideration my personal situation/character’ make her coaching so practical and applicable.
    Furthermore, I am often astonished at the profound concepts – far beyond the professional environment – which her questions and ‘exercises’ touch on. For me, coaching is the basis to ensure a long-term performance.”
     Jörg H., general manager in the logistic sector
  • “The strong and rapid growth of our company group demands a series of changes, support and personal development at all levels of management on the basis of the existing company culture and social aspects. Whether it be a personal coaching or a management audit, with her competence Mrs. Felicitas von Elverfeldt always hits the nail on the head when it comes to these processes. And that is how we re-activated our strengths.”
     Heinz D., member of the board/COO, technology group of an international holding