Elverfeldt Business-Coaching Frankfurt

“You cannot teach man a thing

but you can help him

to find it within himself.”



Psychology and business administration studies in Mannheim, academically trained psychologist (“Diplom-Psychologin”).
International Coach Federation (ICF-D, former Vice-President) (www.coachfederation.de and www.coachfederation.com)
“Certified Coach in the Coach Pool of Siemens AG Learning Campus”.

Main Focus:

  • Finding one’s niche, career-planning, knowing and purposefully developing one’s own potential, effective self-presentation and self-positioning
  • Preparation for new challenges, further consolidation of leadership skills, work-life balance
  • Dealing with change and conflicts
  • The prevailing rules in top management, dealing with power and politics

It inspires me greatly that most of my clientele is generated by word-of-mouth and follow-ups. Of course, if requested, I will gladly provide references for myself and also the professional network I have access to.