Elverfeldt Business-Coaching Frankfurt

“You cannot teach a man anything,

you can only help him

find it within himself.”



I studied and graduated with a degree in psychology and business administration in Mannheim.

International Coach Federation (ICF-D, former 2nd Chair of the Board). (www.coachfederation.de and www.coachfederation.com)
“Certified Coach in the Coach Pool of Siemens AG Learning Campus”.

My core competencies:

  • Sparring partner during role shifts (onboarding + transitions) and current challenges you face with maintaining and increasing your success through change processes.
  • Optimizing your potential as a leader and professional, so you can you become the best version of yourself. We’ll define where you are in your career, and where you want to go.
  • Charisma, persuasive impact and positioning in connection with power and leadership, so you can effortlessly win others over in pursuit of your goals.
  • Composure, resilience, and self-management
  • Coaching for highly gifted and highly sensitive people
  • Team coaching, coach, and consultant for transformational processes
  • Common themes in private coaching: composure, relationships and conflicts, values and meaning.

Fortunately, the primary driver of acquiring new clients is referrals and follow-up orders. I’m happy to provide references on request. I have broad professional network I can call on for further resources if your needs require it.