'You cannot teach a man anything,

you can only help him

find it within himself.



  • Systemic consulting and systemic coaching (3 years) with Prof. Dr. Fritz Simon in Heidelberg, among others
  • Coaching and supervision (1 year with Dr. Bernd Schmid in Wiesloch)
  • Essence Coaching (1 year with Albert Pietzko in Heiligenfeld)
  • NLP Practitioner Diploma from the Austrian Institut for NLP in Vienna
  • Family- Organizational- and Structural Constellations (2 years plus various individual trainings with Gunthard Weber, Bert Hellinger, Gabriele Petrig, among others)
  • Kinesiology (2 years under Karin Müller in Dietzenbach)
  • Transaction Analysis according to DGTA (with Angelika Glöckner)
  • Group Dynamics with Prof. Dr. Schindler
  • CEO Program: Coaching Excellence in Organizations (Newfield in Boulder/USA)
  • Certified provider of Hogan Assessments
  • Various seminars in communication, moderation, mental training, Quantum Touch, etc., as well as permanent professional development and supervision

I’m committed to continually investing in my professional development.