“To be what we are,

and to become what we are capable of becoming,

is the only end of life.”

- Robert Louis Stevenson


“Success follows when you follow yourself.”

  • What does success mean to you?
  • What makes you happy?
  • Are you aware of you values and do you live them?
  • What is a meaningful life for you? Do you have a vision for your life?
  • What are you here for and what do you want to leave behind in your life?

If these or similar questions appeal to you, I am happy to be there for you.

I will support you in getting to know yourself better, in developing your unique potential and thus becoming more successful and happier.

I would be happy to be your professional coach and sparring partner and support you in finding your own individual answers to essential questions.

The idea of following yourself and your inner nature is old. Socrates was already of the opinion that the key to personal development lies in self-knowledge about 400 years before our era.
If you want to bring out the best in yourself, this is easiest if you live your talents and abilities in harmony with your values. In this way, even your job can actually become your vocation, and your private and professional life will be fulfilling.

Our personal answers to the question of the values that are important to us, the goals we strive for, and ultimately the meaning of our actions – especially with regard to our work – have a variety of effects on our lives. They determine our resilience, our enjoyment of life, and are central to our health. Thus, it is not the time-related workload that is the greatest risk factor in the danger of burnout, but the loss of a sense of the meaning of existence and the meaningfulness of one’s own work. Only by coming to terms with what is important to us personally, with what our daily activities are good for, can we gain access to a more satisfying work-life balance – a prerequisite for a better quality of life.

Life satisfaction, the experience of values, meaning and health are therefore closely related.

We need a worthwhile goal to keep us motivated and truly engaged. This goal should ideally be in line with our personal values and beliefs. On the way to the goal, values serve as a guide for action – as a “compass” on the path to meaning.

In coaching, methods will be used to explore your personal value system, which will awaken awareness of which value and meaning orientations are present in you. This creates a comprehensive picture of whether, how and to what extent you are currently living your personally important values and where there is a need for change. We analyse what you can and want to change and develop concrete strategies with feasible action steps for implementation.

The intensive examination of meaning and values will make your life energy bubble up again. This has far-reaching consequences for your life and contributes significantly to increasing your personal sense of well-being and enhancing your quality of life.