Elverfeldt Business-Coaching Frankfurt

„Whoever wants to guide people

should have three qualitites:

humanity, clarity and courage.“



By using the innovative Coaching Workshop method, a permanent change in the attitude of one or more managers, a team or a project group can be achieved in only 2 to 3 days as far as the reaching of a common goal is concerned. During the Coaching Workshop, individual coaching is integrated so the individuals can realise their insights right-away.

For a successful workshop, we start with the definition of a common goal  as well as individual goals for each participant. The implementation of the aligned changes takes place creatively and via a made-to-measure project design during the workshop.

Each milestone reached is checked and analysed with the help of collegial feedback. The individual coaching sessions that run parallel to the workshop support each individual in a way that enables them to implement their changed attitude right-away.

Exemplary outcomes:

  • Change of leadership culture from “Leader as first expert” to “Leader as coach”.
  • Assessment of current situation and definition of goal(s) for the team as well as for each individual.
  • Optimisation of teamwork, especially between (a) team leaders and teams as well as (b) within the team.
  • Dissolution of conflicts within a team that displays a variety of project agendas as well as individual agendas.
  • Development of a basis for an effective, efficient and goal-oriented collaboration in the future.
  • Development of a strategically optimal position of a manager within a board when threatened with disempowerment. Securing and strengthening of one’s own position.