„I spend more money on the ability

to treat people right than on any other

ability in the world.“



The more digital the surrounding gets, the more important are the human qualities of executives.

Following the RAR© model, a Digital Leader 6.0 will master the challenges of the digital world successfully. The personality and values that he shows in his behaviour make him your company’s ambassador of the digital transformation.

Ready to take risks & be resilient

In order to be resilient and able to take risks, a stable self-esteem, fault tolerance and clear foundation of values are necessary.

Agile minded & be flexible

In times of change, of insecurity and ambiguity, it is of highest importance to act flexibly, actively, adaptable and proactive.

Relate to others & be respectful

People are likely to give their personal best in a changing surrounding if they are treated on an equal footing, if they feel comfortable and if they sense their function to be meaningful.

To what extent do your key stakeholders fulfill the requirements of a Digital Leader 6.0, and what are the KPI’s?

  1. Explanation of the profile of requirements of a Digital Leader 6.0 following the Elverfeldt Coaching RAR© Model. Adjustment and assembling of a tailor-made solution for your enterprise.
  2. Identification of the stakeholders that are supposed to promote the change in your company.
  3. Assessment of the stakeholders according to the profile of requirements of a Digital Leader 6.0. Identification of the individual potentials for development.
  4. Individual coaching of the stakeholders, aiming for the evolvement of their unique potentials for development.
  5. Team coaching of the stakeholders in order to help and deploy even more of their individual potentials or to help in building teams in their pursuit to fulfill the profile of requirements of a Digital Leader 6.0.